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“Grishma Ritucharya”

The Summer Routine As Per Ayurveda

Ritucharya, an old Ayurvedic practice, envelops two fundamental parts: “Ritu,” significance season, and “charya,” implying routine or discipline. It involves the way of life and following an Ayurvedic diet routine explicitly customized to address the physical and mental impacts caused by occasional changes, as recommended by Ayurveda. By embracing Grishma Ritucharya, we upgrade our power and mental versatility, preparing ourselves to battle diseases that might emerge from seasonal shifts. Besides, this regimen fits the three doshas inside our body, enhancing general wellness and keeping our body, mind, and soul fit.

There are six major Ritucharya in Ayurveda i.e.

  1. Shishir Ritu (Winter)
  2. Vasant Ritu (Spring)
  3. Grishma Ritucharya (Summer)
  4. Varsha Ritu (Monsoon)
  5. Sharad Ritu (Autumn/ Fall) Mid- November
  6. Hemant Ritu pre-winter).


Grishma Ritucharya: Embrace The Ayurvedic Summer Routine for Optimal Well-being

As the burning sun dominates and the temperature rises, it becomes essential to change our daily routine lifestyles, and dietary patterns to keep up with our physical and mental balance. As per Ayurveda, the old Indian arrangement of medication, each season requires a particular arrangement of practices to remain safe and healthy. In this blog, we will delve into the idea of Grishma Ritucharya, the Ayurvedic summer schedule, and analyze powerful methods for exploring this season while enhancing our health.


What Is Grismhma Ritucharya?

Grishma Ritucharya, the mid-year time according to Ayurveda India, aims to help us in adjusting the difficulties presented by the warm and dry climate during this season. It underscores explicit daily life routines, dietary choices, and taking care of ourselves, practices to keep up with ideal well-being.


How To Balance Pitta Dosha During Summers?

On summer days pitta dosha is on the rise which leads to skin problems and digestion-related issues such as skin rashes, tan, indigestion, fatigue, etc. Rishma Ritucarya in Ayurveda centers on balancing the pitta dosh by calming and cooling down body temperature. It includes:


i) Selecting Cooling Foods:

Select hydrating food that possesses cooling properties like fresh juicy fruits, cucumbers, and coconut water, eat melons, and use mint in your food. You must avoid spicy and deep-fried food.

ii) Staying Hydrated:

One must drink at least 8 -10 glasses of water daily it keeps you hydrated all day long. As per your preference, you can drink fennel-soaked water, or add herbal infusions such as rose water, coriander water, etc.

iii) Safeguard From The Sunrays:

Protect yourself from the fierce sun rays by wearing pure cotton loose clothes, and wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes, you can also use a wide-brimmed hat and must apply natural sunscreens.


Self-Care Practices For Summer Season

Grishma Ritucharya also highlights different self-care methods to beat the summer heat and boost well-being:


i) Abhyanga (Self-massage):

Regular body massage with cool oils like coconut and sandalwood oil can help you pacify pitta dosha and nourishes your skin well.

ii) Sheetali Pranayama (Cooling Breath):

Certain tongue exercises you can perform to cool down your breath that can be done by rolling your tongue and inhaling.

iii) Cooling Baths:

Having a cool water bath can give you instant relief from the heat and lower your overall body temperature.


What Lifestyle Adjustments Must Adopt During Grishma Ritucharya?

Specific lifestyle adjustments may contribute to keeping your body balanced during the summer season:


i) Activities:

Arrange outdoor activities during the second half of the day, or in the early morning. Avoid extreme heat exposure.

ii) Light Weight Exercise:

Do some gentle exercises such as yoga or light walking, that keep you physically and mentally active.

iii) Take a Good Amount Of Rest:

Take small power naps during the daytime, ensure sufficient sleep at night, and take proper rest after exercising.


Take Away:

When the temperature soars and the sun hits down relentlessly, it’s high time to uncover the secrets of Ayurveda to beat the vibrant summer heat.

Embrace Grishma Ritucharya, the Ayurvedic summer ritual that holds the key to your overall health and wellness. By arranging your daily activities, diet routine, and self-care practices with the understanding of Ayurveda, you can efficiently balance your body’s Pitta dosha. By adding cool baths, massages, and eating cool fruits daily, you can attain optimal health during this warm season.

Let the magic of Ritucharya in Ayurveda safeguard you as you step into the summer season. Get ready to beat the heat and thrive like never before!

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