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Orphanage Combo – Pack of 4 Colours (100 gm each)


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Celebrate the festival of colours the way you would like to and with a lot of joy and good health with Spand’s range of Ayurvedic Holi colours. Our colours are hand crafted from special Ayurvedic ingredients and are not just safe but also beneficial for all skin types.

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Let’s spread love and happiness while taking care of our health and the environment.

For every combo ordered, we will donate one pack of 100 gm Spand ke Rang to an Orphanage.

Main Ingredient:-
Orange Colour – Orange Peel.  Heavy in Vitamin C, calcium, potassium and magnesium, orange exfoliates the skin and gives it a natural glow.
Pink Colour – Beet root and Gulab. Vitamin C in Beet root is an anti ageing agent. Good for the lips as well, beet root is known to treat pigmentation. Gulab on the other hand is a natural coolant and is beneficial to treat tanned, burnt and inflamed skin.
Green Colour – Palak. Rich with Vit A and Vit C micronutrients, promotes healthy skin.
Yellow Colour – Marigold. Marigold is used to treat dryness of the skin and hyper sensitivity.

Whats to Love?
1. Spand colours are absolutely chemical free.
2. Spand colours are herbal and made from natural ingredients.
3. Spand colours are Ayurvedic and from ingredient that are known to be beneficial for the skin.
4. Spand colour will enhance the texture of your skin.
5. Non abrasive and non toxic.

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