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Gulaab Ubtanam – De-Tan Scrub (50 gms)


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Product Description

A summer month special, Gulaab Ubtanam, is a specially curated product to provide relief to burnt and tanned skin. Our skin tends to take the maximum brunt for excessive body heat as well as the dry weather a harsh sun. We found the solution to this in Ayurveda. Gulaab is a known coolant and beetroot is rich in anti oxidants. This powerful combination works wonders on healing and soothing the skin.

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Key Ingredients:-

Rose petals, Beetroot powder.

How to Use:-

1. Take Gulaab Ubtanam in a mixing bowl.
2. Take milk, honey, olive oil to mix the powder with (You can also use water for the same).
3. Keep adding as per your choice to make it into a paste.
4. Gently scrub your face and body with this paste.
5. Wash it off with water. Do not use soap.
6. Dab yourself softly with a soft towel.

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