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Ayurveda For Joint Pain Relief

Are you tired of the ongoing discomfort and limited mobility generated by joint pain? You’re not alone. Gone are the days when joint pain happens only in old age. Now people of all age suffering from moderate to severe joint pain due to several issues. Joint pain affects millions of people across the globe and… Continue reading Ayurveda For Joint Pain Relief

“Grishma Ritucharya”

The Summer Routine As Per Ayurveda Ritucharya, an old Ayurvedic practice, envelops two fundamental parts: “Ritu,” significance season, and “charya,” implying routine or discipline. It involves the way of life and following an Ayurvedic diet routine explicitly customized to address the physical and mental impacts caused by occasional changes, as recommended by Ayurveda. By embracing… Continue reading “Grishma Ritucharya”

“Dincharya” As Per Ayurveda

How To Keep Yourself Healthy Everyday   Ayurveda is a science that has been recuperating humankind from physical and mental issues from days of yore. It is a comprehensive healing science however it is a much more preventive science. It gives equivalent significance to both preventive and remedial viewpoints. We must take care of ourselves… Continue reading “Dincharya” As Per Ayurveda

Ayurveda – The Way of Life

Unlocking The Secrets Of Holistic Health   If you’re looking for a better, more balanced approach to everyday life, Ayurveda might hold the key. This old ancient system of medication, built in India millennia prior, focuses on accomplishing harmony between the brain, body, and soul through natural holistic means. Let us explore how Ayurveda unlocks… Continue reading Ayurveda – The Way of Life

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