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“Dincharya” As Per Ayurveda

How To Keep Yourself Healthy Everyday


Ayurveda is a science that has been recuperating humankind from physical and mental issues from days of yore. It is a comprehensive healing science however it is a much more preventive science. It gives equivalent significance to both preventive and remedial viewpoints. We must take care of ourselves each second if we want to keep sicknesses from happening and furthermore to leave a robust existence. Everything revolves around being consciously aware and sensible to know what we do and what not do in our everyday activities.


Complete individual health care is a piece of the day-to-day routine according to Ayurveda. An appropriately planned routine is basically an indivisible part of preventive health care. Ayurveda explains routine preventive health care measures as “Dincharya”. Dincharya is a term made of two terms i.e.-

Din= daily and chraya= activities or regimen.


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In Ayurveda, dinacharya, or everyday routine, is viewed as one of the best tools for upgrading overall head-to-toe well-being and health. Whether you are a beginner to Ayurveda or an accomplished expert, you would have caught wind of the meaning of sticking to a bunch of daily practices, for example, getting up, eating, resting, and working throughout the day. This conventional way to deal with dinacharya has been demonstrated to altogether impact our physical and mental prosperity.

Let’s explore the activities included in Ayurvedic dincharya:


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Dincharya is divided into three parts and every part has its own set of activities and regimen to follow on a daily basis.

  • Prath-kala Charya – Day Time regimen
  • Sayam Charya – Evening time regimen
  • Ratri Charya – Night time regimen


  1. Day time regimen includes the following daily activities- PRATH KALA CHARYA
  • Wake up early- Brahmi Muhurte Uttishte
  • Drink water- Aachamana
  • Brush your teeth- Dant Dhavana
  • Clean your throat- Gandushaa
  • Do some light exercises- Vyayama
  • Do some oil body massage- Udvarthana
  • Take a bath- Snana
  • Wear clean clothes- Vastra Dharan


  1. Evening Regimen- SAYAM CHARYA
  • Have your food – Aharam
  • Take a power nap- Nidraa
  • Read good books- Sampaatham
  • Do a brisk walk- Adhwa gamana


  1. Night Regimen- RATRI CHARYA
  • Have dinner on time- Ratri Bhojanam
  • Walk at least 100 steps after dinner- Shatapada gamana
  • Consume some Triphala daily
  • Sleep at least 6-8 hours- Nidra


Benefits of Dincharya

Dincharya promotes a balanced and well-scheduled healthy way of life that directs the body’s inside clock and creates a feeling of discipline and taking care of oneself. Here are a few benefits one can avail by embracing Dincharya by Ayurveda:

1. Better digestion

Dinacharya suggests eating your meals at the same time each day, which reduces the risk of stomach-related issues.

2. Reduces stress level

Dinacharya compromises daily activities, for example, walking, and breathing activities that can assist with lessening pressure and stimulate unwinding.

3. Boosts immunity

With the help of oil massage, regular exercises, satvik food, and a sleeping schedule one can easily boost their immunity.

4. Better sleep

A regular sleep schedule in Dincharya and taking part in easy exercises before bed can enhance your sleep quality.

5. Disciplined life

Dincharya likewise helps in keeping a specific discipline in the mind and body which is valuable in all parts of life.

6. Brings joy

Following Dinacharya consistently eliminates all the pressure and stresses in your day-to-day existence. This, thus, gives you joy.

7. Increases life span

Following dincharya guarantees a sound way of life and promotes a life span.


Keep Yourself Healthy & Happy By Embracing Dincharya Into Daily Life

Particular steps we take throughout the day affect the way that we look and feel: the food varieties we eat, the way of life decisions we make, and even the unpretentious thoughts we think. Whenever we think to enhance our health and well-being conditions it often feels overwhelming.

It needs strong consciousness, discipline, and commitment to establish healthy habits. This is why following the simple steps of Dincharya from Ayurveda is one of the easiest ways to keep yourself healthy and happy.

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