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Tejas (Pain Relief Candle) – Stress Relief and Pain Management (100 gms)


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Product Description

Tejas is a handmade massage candle with Ayurvedic medicated pain relieving and stress buster ingredients. When lit the candles provide a relaxing aroma. The aroma will destress your body and relax your muscles. The candle melts into a warm sumptuous massage oil. This oil when massaged on temple areas will relieve stress and when gently rubbed on body will relieve pain.

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Key ingredients:-
Soy wax, Castor oil, Kokum butter, Eucalyptus oil, Cinnamon oil, Camphor oil, Wintergreen oil, Nirgundi oil, Mahanarayan oil.

How to Use :-
Light the candle and let the oil melt. Gently massage the pain area with this warm oil.

An Incredible Candle for:-
Pain relief.
A personal gift.
Corporate gifts.

Whats to Love?
100% Sustainable material used.
Hand crafted.
Sweet tones of (put the essential oil used)
Made with natural Soy Wax
Minimal soot.
Minimal pollution.

Candle Decorum:-
Trim the wick every time you are done using the candle.
Never keep a lit candle out of sight for extended periods.
We recommend not to burn the candle for more than an hour at a stretch.

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