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Gulkand Mukhwas – Nourishing rose-infused wellness blend



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Product Description

Gulkand is a perfect mixture of taste and health. Spand Gulkand is made using organic hand-picked Damask roses from local farms in Indore. We use Mishri and not refined sugar in our formulation. Our Gulkand is fortified with Praval pishti. Gulkand is known to alleviate body heat. It is a brilliant anti oxidant and helps in reducing stomach ulcers and constipation related issues. Gulkand also helps in regulating menstrual cycles.

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Key Ingredients:-

Damask Rose petals, Mishri, Praval Pishti.

How to Use:-

There is no prescribed dosage of Gulkand Mukhwaas. One can use it as a mouth freshener or can mix with milk and have it as a rose syrup.

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