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Ubtanam – Ayurvedic Radiance and a Glow for Vibrant Skin (50 gms)



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Product Description

Ubtanam, a combination of powerful and fragrant herbs, is a traditional soap free cleansing agent. This all natural herbal combination when mixed with milk, honey, olive oil and gently scrubbed on your skin, will gently lift the dead skin and nourishes it giving it a vibrant radiance and a glow. We have researched age old Ayurvedic granthas to make the perfect product for your skin.

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Key Ingredients:-

Nagarmotha, Kapur kachari, Kachora, Chandan, Usheer

How to Use:-

1. Take Ubtanam in a mixing bowl.
2. Take milk, honey, olive oil to mix the powder with (You can also use water for the same).
3. Keep adding as per your choice to make it into a paste.
4. Use this paste as your use a normal scrub.
5. Make sure you gently scrub your entire body for best results.
6. Wash it off with water.
7. Dab yourself softly with a soft towel.

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