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Surah-Jeet – Anti Hangover Powder (100 gms)


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Product Description

Like to party but dread the next day effects of alcohol. Some might call it a modern problem but in reality, alcohol distillation dates back to several thousand years. Some archaeological findings suggest alcohol distillation might have been invented in India. With a problem, comes a solution. Ayurvedic practitioners back in the day were well versed with the effects of alcohol. Ayurveda has one of the most natural ways to tackle Paramada aka hangover.

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At Spand, we rummaged through these texts and found a way to avoid hangovers by preparing the body for the alcohol. Surah-Jeet is mixture of several essential herbs that reduce the toxicity of alcohol the next day. A perfect cure for hangovers.

Key Ingredients:-

Vidarikand, Aam magaj, Kharak, Shunti, Amla, Methi

How to Use:-

Mix 1 tsp of Surah-Jeet in a glass of water and consume it before celebrations. You can have another dose in the morning to avoid nausea, headache and other such side effects of alcohol consumption. For best results to cure hangover, use warm water.

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